The Small Dollar Credit Builder Loan Program provides Southeast Alaskan Citizens with the opportunity to establish and improve credit.

What are Credit Builder Loans?

Credit Bulider Loans are small loans with short terms, credit builder loans are loans with an easy approval process that are designed specifically for people who need to build credit because they don’t yet have a strong credit history or because they have had problems with their credit in the past. Working on building your credit score is one of the most important things you can do for your finances. Lenders use your credit score to determine whether you’re a trustworthy borrower, so a bad credit score could mean you won’t be able to gain access to certain financial products.


The following terms apply for the Small Dollar Credit Builder Loan: 


Up to 2-year term


Interest rate 10% for those with ACH and 20% for non-direct deposit


Loan amount may not exceed $2,500


Each applicant will pay a $100 processing fee


To qualify for the Small Dollar Credit Builder Loan you must meet ALL of the following requirements:


Applicant must be a resident of Southeast Alaska.


Must be over the age of 18


Must have active bank account


Applicant is required to register and attend Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority financial literacy classes. Must have attended 1 class prior to loan approval and 2 before the term of the loan has expired.


Must demonstrate ability to repay loan and make regular payments


No credit or negative credit isn’t an eligibility requirement.


Must be under 40% debt to income ratio


To apply for the Small Dollar Builder Loan, you must complete an SDCB application and provide HYFC with the following documents:

Completed Application

Direct Deposit Statement/Voided Check

Copies of most recent pay stubs covering a 30-day period

Copy of the most recent bank statement


Confirmation of registration for Financial Capacity workshops

Copy of driver’s license or identification card

Copy of tribal enrollment card (if applicable)

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